Quickshot: Pixel 3 + Moment 58mm Tele

A quick series of photos taken with my Pixel 3 and telephoto lens from Moment. If you're not familiar with Moment, they manufacture lenses for popular smartphones. Their new 58mm Tele lens was made specifically for the Pixel 3 and iPhone XS(R?) phones. 

I purchased this lens and the required case a few weeks ago and I'm very impressed with the initial build quality of both. The Tele lens tightens up the standard 27mm focal lens of my phone and allows me to snap photographs that mimic the focal lengths I am used to with my Fujifilm X-Pro2. I plan to make some kind of review in the near future when I have more time to test this lens out.

We took a short break from our major construction project to spend some time with the pups and take them to a local park so they could run around. Interesting fact, the park in the photos below was named after Victoria's grandfather. The park is somewhat abandoned now because the townsfolk didn't like the high tension wires that run above it. The town has since re-dedicated another park in her grandfather's name in a more suitable location. I personally think this location is great due to it's location in the lakes but I don't make the rules.

A Warm Saturday Evening

I made the decision yesterday morning to keep my camera by my side at all times throughout the day. My personal photographic output had decreased over the past few months so I was looking for something to jumpstart my creativity. To sum it up, the idea was a great success. I was able to capture a handful of images that I am truly proud of. Below is a sample of some of the photographs I made as the sun was setting on the lake. Some family had come over for the evening and paired them with some golden hour light. Enjoy.

A Fire Rages

After The Storm

As a late afternoon storm rolls Eastward across the sky, the Sun peaks out from the cover of temporary darkness to illuminate the adjacent clouds with its last rays of daylight. The formations now resembling gradients, rather than clusters of moisture, slowly change their shape. They are aided by a gentle breeze, a remnant of the passing storm. There is a great juxtaposition at this moment. The surface of the Earth is calm and quiet, interrupted only by the occasional birdsong. Up above, a fire rages in the stratosphere.

The Nikkor 105

I photographed this series of images using an adapted Nikkor 105mm f4 lens that was given to me by my grandfather. The focal length of this telephoto prime provided the right amount of reach to photograph all the clouds intricate details while not getting too close as to misrepresent the scale of these structures. These older lenses, manufactured for use on film SLRs lack all of the hi-tech coatings and glass that newer lenses have and therefore give digital images a "film like" quality. In the case of these images, I think they have a softness to them while still remaining sharp where it counts. All of the photos were taken at ISO 400 or higher. The subsequent noise adds grain and texture, in some ways it mimics the lingering moisture present in the air at the time.

January In Review


Lessons Learned

Well that’s one month in the books for my 365 project. There were some days where the ideas came easy and some nights filled with tears. (Okay not that dramatic.) According to Lightroom I took 1244 photographs this month. I’m not surprised at that to be honest. In hindsight starting a photography project in January is not the best idea. Photography is all about light and January has around 9 and a half hours of daylight. So if you have a full time job like I do, and you commute, you can see how it’s tough to find the time to go out and photograph. Is it me or has the weather been terrible this month? It seems like it was raining every other day. It made going outside and making a photograph very challenging. I shouldn't complain, I made it through the month and I'm on to February now. Writing this review made me appreciate the first month of my project and I'm excited to keep going. So here is my review of January 2017...

Be Prolific

This is a big one. There were so many times over the last month when I thought I had the perfect photo early in the day. Then for one reason or another I’d go out again and make something better than what I had. So the lesson here is keep going. Be prolific.

Expect the Unexpected

Another important lesson I learned is to go out and explore with an open mind. There were many occasions where I had a photo planned out in my head thinking it was going to be easy. Only to end up with something completely different from what I wanted, but better.

Don’t Take The Easy Route

I’ve said this in the last two blog posts and I’ll say it again here. The point of this challenge is to well..challenge myself. If I’m afraid or uncomfortable doing something different from what I’m used to, chances are I’m doing the right thing.

I Need To Get Out More

Unfortunately I’m starting to run dry when it comes to ideas that fall in line with my daily routine. There are only so many photo opportunities at work or in Bayonne. This isn’t a bad thing though. One of my goals for February is to get out and explore a bit more. Even a place as close as NYC.

Favorite Photos

Tori In The Street.

I didn’t pick this photo for my 365 Instagram post, In hindsight I should have, but that's okay. It’s still making it into the book. (More on that later) What I love about this photograph is the color combination of blue and orange. It's actually pleasing to our eyes and is often used in hollywood.. So look at me go!

The 24hr Sunrise

A cool concept that I was unaware of until I was standing by the lake in Williamstown. Two sunrise photos taken almost 24 hours apart, at different ends of the state. They look great on opposing pages in my printed book.

Unsplash NYC Meetup

Last Tuesday my friend L’Heureux and I (pronounced: Laroo) made a trip into the city to meet some of the Unsplash team. (More on Unsplash later.) Long story short on our way back to New Jersey we did the touristy thing and made a bunch of pictures in the new WTC transportation hub. I did something different and focused on something other than the beautiful architecture.

What Im Looking Forward To

Unsplash 365 Project

I’m also uploading one photo a day to my Unsplash account for 2017. If you don’t know what Unsplash is here are the details. Every photo on their website has a Creative Commons Zero license. This means you can do whatever you want with the photo, the possibilities are endless. The amount of traffic the website gets is great for photographers. In the past 30 days my collection of 60 photos is right under a million views. Yes a million... It is a great place for exposure.

365. The Book!

I’m also printing my favorites from this project into a book. Printing a photo gives it so much more meaning than looking at it on a tiny little screen. Right now the book lives in the form of a screw post portfolio. (I can add to it throughout the year.) But who knows, something more permanent may be on the cards when this is all over.

Photos for January


Im currently making one photograph a day for 2017. I urge you to follow along on my Instagram. If you have any comments, complaints, or suggestions feel free to leave them below. I encourage it.