Cars & Coffee

Every time Tori and I cross the Newark Bay Bridge, on our way to and from Hoboken, she’ll often mention how when you look over the side of the bridge you can see the large number of cars that are sitting in those huge lots below. From what I can tell a lot of the vehicles are new based on the fact that some of them still have their white protective “stickers” on… Anyway the point that always comes up in discussion is that it’s amazing how cars are these complex things. They are a combination of metal, rubber, grease etc.. and now more than ever they are the result of thousands of hours of engineering, design, and testing. What is even more amazing is that all of this work is what goes into any of the run of the mill automobiles that you can buy anywhere (or as Kia puts it..the middle C of cars). One can only imagine how much more development goes into the higher end models such as Ferrari, Mclaren, Porsche and so on.

In an attempt to elaborate on my point above: You know that feeling when an overly attractive person walks into a room and everyone stops what they’re doing to take notice? We’ll that happened to me this past Sunday. Except my experience this weekend has nothing to do with people and everything to do with some amazing automobiles. On Sunday my friend Dany invited me to attend a Cars & Coffee event that his brother was hosting at the dealership where he works. The second we walked into the building it was sensory overload from all of the awesome cars that were on display. The very best from Ferrari, Lamborghini, Mclaren could be seen. Also I have to mention this was a BMW dealer so there were a bunch of classic BMW’s in attendance, some of which I had never seen before. The best way to describe some of these cars is that they are simply works of art. They are pieces of engineering (especially the classic cars) that I reckon will one day be compared to some of the great pieces of art created over the years.

So as I often like to say, here are the photos from Sunday and I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed taking them. Be sure to check out my vsco grid page called “MOTORING”. You can find a link to that here



The Drive

If you’ve ever watched the BBC show Top Gear (before it was cancelled and the hosts replaced) you will know that some of the best episodes feature Jeremy Clarkson, James May, and Richard Hammond going on long 1000 or more mile journeys across some of the most exotic locations in the world. If you haven’t seen the show I highly recommend checking it out especially the one where they travel across the spine of Africa. I promise the show is entertaining even if you have no interest in cars.

So you may be asking, where am I going with this and why am I writing about a TV show on my photo blog? The answer is: One of the most exciting and liberating things to do with a car is to hop in and just go for a drive. Now I’m not saying that everyone should drop what they’re doing next weekend and go on a cross country trip, but going on a little drive to a remote location might be a great idea. On a day when the weather is just right there’s nothing more fun than gathering a group of friends, rolling down the windows, and going on a long drive on some winding roads.

With all that being said, this week I happened to be looking through some folders of old photos as I do from time to time… and I stumbled upon some images from a particular Sunday afternoon in  October of  2013. The photos we’re of my friends Dany, L’Heureux (pronounced Laroo) and myself going on a drive through the Watchung Mountains to a scenic outlook on the edge of Somerset County. The plan was to arrive at the outlook just in time for sunset. Skipping forward, as you can see from the photos the sky was rather plain and we decided to leave our lofty destination before sunset. In many cases I would have considered the day to be a waste but in reality it was a complete blast. On our journey we stopped in the Watchung Reservation, went on a mini hike, and had an awesome time carving up the mountain roads in the two cars. (Dany’s track prepped Scion FR-S and my classic Stingray)

So all in all it was a fantastic day. The combination of the weather, the roads and the cars made the whole trip a success, and that is the answer to the question you may have asked earlier when I mentioned the show Top Gear. Sometimes the journey ends up being more fun than the actual destination, and that is why it’s the perfect reason to jump in the car with some friends and just go for a drive. So here are the photos from that day, I hope you enjoy them and I hope you might be inspired to go on a little Sunday drive of your own. (Don’t forget to bring a camera too!)

This post can also be seen as a journal entry on my “MOTORING” page. It’s a new site I’ve created on the VSCO Grid platform that showcases beauty in the automotive world. You can check that out here: