The story of a photographer making one photograph a day for 2017. 

The Night Is Always Darkest Just Before Dawn (Or Until You Turn the Clocks Forward)

Over the last few years I've often read that what people call the winter blues is actually your body experiencing a lack of vitamin D. Long story short, the decreased amount of sunshine contributes to a lack of vitamin d in your body blah blah blah science science science... In some strange way I like to think that what happens to your body with vitamin D also happens with a person’s creativity. I always seem to struggle when it comes to photography during the winter months and a lot of this is due to the cold weather, the lack of sun or the Christmas hangover. So now that the days are getting longer (and warmer) I find myself getting the itch to grab my gear and go outside. I’m looking forward to the coming spring and I hope that they are filled with cool adventures that I can photograph and share with everyone on this blog (It will also be nice to improve on my writing skills too haha)

It’s has been a hectic start to the new year for me personally. Within two months I’ve moved in with my girlfriend Tori, in Hoboken. I’ve started a new design job, and purchased a new(ish) car! Finding time to go out and create has been tough, but things are starting to slow down now that the seasons are changing. So In celebration of the first day of spring, I’d like to share some stuff that I was able to scrounge up during the winter. Enjoy!